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Photograph: Sonali Bhattacharyya


Playwright Exchange |Riksteaerten, Sweden


White Open Spaces, a play I worked on for Pentabus Theatre, toured Sweden as part of Riksteaerten's, the National Touring Theatre of Sweden', programme.  As a result I was invited to visit Lund, Gothenburg and Stockholm as part of a playwright exchange programme between the UK and Sweden.  


In association with Pentabus, Script has teamed up with Druid and Fishamble Theatre Companies (Ireland), and Riksteatern (Sweden) to send professional playwrights on 1-week and 2-week work placements, supported by the European Leonardo Mobility Programme. Playwright Alan Pollock visited Druid Theatre in Galway in July. Arzhang Pezhman visited Fishamble Theatre in Dublin and Stephanie Dale and Sonali Bhattacharyya visited Riksteatern in Stockholm.

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