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Ping Pong |BBC Asian Network

The story of Anil, a nine-year-old boy struggling with the pressures of school, and the career expectations of his parents. His only release from these burdens is his passion for ping pong.  The chance to compete in a national tournament leads to a journey of discovery in this combination of youthful road movie and family saga.  Featuring Nitin Ganatra (EastEnders) and Indira Joshi (The Kumars at No.42).


'The dialogue is sharp, and the characterisation inventive.'

- The Spectator 


Silver Street |BBC Asian Network

I worked on this series (the 'Urban Asian Archers', if you like) from its conception, where I and a small team of writers were asked to create a community of characters and long-running storylines along with the production team.  As a core member of the writing team, I was given many key commissions, including the 100th anniversary episode.

It's Coming Home |BBC Radio Four


When Mushtaq Jilani buys the local football club for a pound, the grocery king takes a bold step into an unfamiliar world.  Taking on the club's massive debts, and with his family divided, Mushtaq's first months in the game test more than his bank balance.

Two Men in the Fog |BBC Radio Four


An Asian wide boy rents a holiday cottage on a farm in the depths of the British countryside after breaking up with his girlfriend. When he gets lost in the fog, he finds help from an unexpected figure in the mist... Radio play adapted from my monologue for Pentabus Theatre's White Open Spaces.

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BBC Long Running Series |BBC Writersroom


Episodes of 'Doctors', 'Eastenders', 'Holby City' and 'Casualty'.

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